Captain Oven Cleantm


We know this industry inside out, we have spent alot of time designing this course to make it work well and efficently, we have cleaned around 1800 ovens since we started trading, we believe we are highly experianced in what we do.

we take you on real jobs seeing everything from a single oven to a rangemaster or Aga.


we also offer full telephone support 24 hours a day, but as we run our own business at times you may need to leave us a message and wait shortly for a call back.


 we feel it is spread out over 5 days to make it more value for money, everything you need to know can be done in 5 days.


so why are we offering these courses if were doing so well?

basically you will get your hands dirty with us (its the best way to learn!) it gives me a nice easy couple of days having a extra pair of hands! and as im taking you on real jobs im getting paid for training you and from the customer.... simple

and finally some advice for anyone who wants to become a oven cleaner and questions to ask.



1. what ovens will i see with your training course?

2. do you offer telephone support or a training manual?

3. will i work on the different types of oven surfaces and ovens, or will you just tell me about them?


please note:- oven cleaners use specialist equipment ranging from £800-1200 to clean the chrome racks themselves and make the job alot easier having this equipment, you will also need a van obviously, dont forget advertising, uniform, business cards/leaflets,van signwriting,liability insurance etc... etc... so please bear these start up costs  in mind when thinking of joining a course.


feel free to get in touch for a informal chat.